How to Turn Your Hobby Into a 7 Figure Business – Cynthia Jamin



How can your story turn your hobby into a multi-million dollar business? Cynthia Jamin, founder of the extraordinary children’s dress brand TwirlyGirl struggled with a dark and painful past. But rather than burying it down, she brought her truth into the light and her impact has only soared from there. She shares how to welcome in your shame with with compassion, how to take control of the life you want, and how to switch your focus from selling to creating beautiful, memorable experiences that every person deserves.

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  1. We all have a strength inside of us. We’re all worthy of the life we want.

  2. If you’re tired of waiting for opportunities, then pivot and make them for yourself.

  3. Start slow. Let the day job fund your side hustle.

  4. Price your product for growth.

  5. We have to go into the darkness to come into the light.

  6. Have compassion for yourself. You’re doing the best you can.

  7. Your story is what brings people together. So put it out there if you can.

  8. It’s not about selling a product. It’s about creating an experience.

  9. Bring joy into the world. What else are we here to do?

  10. It doesn’t matter what the path looks like. Keep Trust your instinct and follow that whisper. It will lead you to beautiful ways you will serve the world.


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