How Starbucks Built an Empire with Empathy – Howard Schultz



How did one man’s values and principles transform Starbucks into the coffee legacy it’s become today? Howard Schultz, former CEO & Chairman of Starbucks set his dreams on creating that “third place,” a place where people felt connected and loved in a community outside of home and work. He shares how he was inspired to reinvent the Starbucks culture, how to build a solid foundation for your business, who you should surround yourself with, and what it means to lead with humility and humanity.

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  Howard Schultz at Bunker Labs in Austin, TX

Howard Schultz at Bunker Labs in Austin, TX

  1. Every business must have a core purpose and reason for being.

  2. Create a culture with community, love, and trust.

  3. Surround yourself with people who share your values and goals, and believe in you. You don’t have to do this alone.

  4. We’ve all failed, and we will fail again. So learn from it. Make the choice to get back up and keep going.

  5. You can’t build a 100-story skyscraper without building the foundation first.

  6. There is always room. The entrepreneurial opportunities have never been greater.

  7. It’s not about marketing. It’s about the interpersonal communication and relationship with each person.

  8. Help one person every day. Whatever the help is, whoever the person is – do something good. Bring love, kindness, and joy to one person.


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