How to Vote For Your Soul – Sarah Blondin



How do you rise above your growth points and your fear, and show up for yourself every day? Sarah Blondin had no intention of helping people heal their souls, but her daily practice of journaling catapulted her Live Awake podcast, a sensational self guided meditation. She shares how to take responsibility for your healing in times of pain, how to trust in your intuition, why your authentic material is the key to universal truth, and what brilliant things can happen when you vote for your soul. 

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  1. Take responsibility for the healing in your own life.

  2. Listen to your intuition, collect evidence of your capabilities, and build a relationship with your intelligence.

  3. There isn’t one way to meditate. Do what helps you feel awakened and inspired.

  4. Sometimes you have to be out of the flow in order to find it.

  5. Make medicine from your moments.

  6. Vote for your soul so you can rise above the fear.

  7. The exuberance of your soul is more powerful than your fears.

  8. Focus on creating your authentic material. Your voice carries a certain resonance that sets you apart from everyone else.

  9. There is something universal in your truth. Tap into yourself and share what you need. Have empathy for yourself.

  10. Store the feeling of joy and hope. Listen for your next step. And trust that the engine is already working for you. You don’t have to reach.


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