How to Crowdfund Your Creative Career – Amanda Palmer



How did a singer-songwriter raise over $1 million just by asking for help? Amanda Palmer isn’t just a musician, performer, artist, and author – she’s also the master of crowdfunding and connecting with her community. She explains how your art can make people feel less alone, what success and DIY really mean, and what key ingredient you need first to start cultivating relationships with the people who need your gifts the most.  

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  1. Build the audience. You cannot crowdfund without the crowd.

  2. Provide, give, create fertile ground for people to say, “I know you. I care about you.” There’s no free rides in the process of exchange.

  3. Be ready to hear the word “no.”

  4. Work on the craft. Your offering must contribute something to your audience.

  5. You don’t have to do this alone. The real definition of DIY is “we do it.” It takes a village.

  6. Success is not about the scale of your followers. It’s about spending love, time, and with the people who love you and who you can pay back.

  7. Life is relentless. There is no intermission. But we’re all in it together.

  8. Art about the darkness is the sharpest tool against grief. It’s actually the light in the dark. Allow yourself to go there.


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