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How to Play Big – Tara Mohr

  What does it mean to play big? Tara Mohr, author and creator of the Playing Big leadership program has made it her mission to help you step into the version of your more empowered, wiser self. She explains how to speak in a way that communicates your confidence, how to recognize your current calling, […]

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How to Disrupt The Status Quo – Miki Agrawal

  How do you create a movement by defining your own rules? Miki Agrawal, best-selling author and founder of revolutionary brands like Thinx and Tushy has risen as an entrepreneur by challenging the world’s standards and breaking the limiting preconceptions we believe to be true. She shares the 3 questions to identify whether your business […]

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How to Become A Broadway Star – Jessica Vosk

  How did a successful Wall Street career girl find the courage to leave a stable job and pursue a Broadway dream? Jessica Vosk took her panic attacks as a sign that she wasn’t where she could serve the most, so she took the leap to become a Broadway performer and a musical extraordinaire. However, […]

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How to Make Fear Your Friend – Meera Lee Patel

  How do you let fear guide you towards the person you really are? Meera Lee Patel, best-selling author and artist used her fear as a sign to take her 7-year freelance side hustle into a full-time career. She sheds a light on how to stop avoiding the things that scare you, how to find […]

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Why Happiness is Overrated – Emily Esfahani Smith

  Instead of happiness, what should we really strive towards? Emily Esfahani Smith, writer, author and TEDTalk speaker has spent years researching the power of a meaningful life. She explains how to infuse the four pillars of meaning into your everyday existence, how to change your story, and why you don’t need to have purpose […]

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How to Be Okay With Not Feeling Okay – Dani DiPirro

  How can you sit with your feelings and let them fuel your creativity? Dani DiPirro, author, blogger, illustrator, and creator of Positively Present was in a dark place when she realized that happiness was not going to be her solution – but instead, having a little more awareness and positivity. She shares how you […]

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How to Discover Your Self Worth – Kate Northrup

  How does raising your self worth affect your time and money struggles? Kate Northrup, entrepreneur and best-selling author grew up believing that her productivity was equal to her worth. But now she helps people around the world realize that we’re all made of stardust, and we can achieve more by actually doing less. She […]

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How to Be A Flourishing Freelancer – Joy Cho

  What does it take to build your own successful freelance career? Joy Cho, designer, blogger, author, creator, and founder of Oh Joy! has navigated the seas of freelancing before her business took off. She explains how to pitch yourself to brands for collaborations, what you need to know about healthcare as a self-employed creative, […]

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