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How do you create a movement by defining your own rules? Miki Agrawal, best-selling author and founder of revolutionary brands like Thinx and Tushy has risen as an entrepreneur by challenging the world’s standards and breaking the limiting preconceptions we believe to be true. She shares the 3 questions to identify whether your business idea has potential, the 3 essentials of a thriving brand, and how to unleash your authentic self and start participating in your own life.

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  1. Ask yourself, “What a pain point in my life? Is it a pain point for other people? Can I be passionate about this for a long time?”

  2. Surround yourself with people you care about and who care about you. You can wade the painful times as long as you have them by your side.

  3. Replace the word failure with revelation. Let yourself just have the experience.

  4. Participate in your own life. Flex the muscle of action.

  5. We never know when life could end. So live every moment completely lit up and with purpose.

  6. Have a best in class product. Create something that works and that you would want.

  7. Consider your design, the aesthetic, and look of your brand through a lens of art.

  8. Speak to your tribe as if you were talking to your best friend.

  9. Cultivate your community. Show up for others and the doors will open.


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