How to Make Fear Your Friend – Meera Lee Patel



How do you let fear guide you towards the person you really are? Meera Lee Patel, best-selling author and artist used her fear as a sign to take her 7-year freelance side hustle into a full-time career. She sheds a light on how to stop avoiding the things that scare you, how to find love and joy in your biggest imperfections, and how to recognize the strengths that have blossomed from your “failures.”

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  1. When you’re feeling inclined to be scared of something new – that’s when you make a shift.

  2. Change takes time. So start making those small incremental steps today, and every day.

  3. Fear is an affirmation of your dream, of the thing that is important and meaningful to you.

  4. The more you hide from fear, the more power it has over you. Instead of avoiding it, ask it, “So what?”

  5. Fail every day. Then you learn and grow every day.

  6. Your imperfections are marks of beauty. When you want to shun them, that’s a sign that they need to see the light.

  7. You already have everything you’re looking for.

  8. Everyone is capable and deserving of love. It’s not reserved for just a select few.

  9. Your journey is on its own timeline. It’s okay to feel discouraged and frustrated. But if you really want this and it’s worth pursuing, then keep going.


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