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Andrew McCarthy on Walking 500 Miles with His Son Sam, Navigating Fame in the Brat Pack & Coming Back Home to Himself

How can you discover the thing that makes you feel like yourself from the toes up? Andrew McCarthy, award winning travel writer, director, actor, and NYT bestselling author has always pursued what makes him feel most comfortable in his skin, and collected valuable lessons from every adventure. He shares what he learned while walking the […]

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102 Year Old Dr. Gladys McGarey’s Secrets to a Well Lived Life + A Coaching Call on How to Run a Business with Ease

How can you have joy, vitality, and purpose at any age? Dr. Gladys McGarey, centenarian doctor, “mother of holistic medicine”, cofounder of American Holistic Medical Association, and author was becoming a doctor when most women didn’t even have bank accounts, and has spent her life transforming the way we imagine health care and self-care around […]

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Dr. Shefali on How to Have a Radical Awakening & Move into a Thriving Mentality

How can you find liberation and wholeness within your own being? Dr. Shefali, clinical psychologist, NYT bestselling author, CEO of Conscious Coaching Institute, and an expert in family dynamics, and personal development is on a mission to help others learn conscious parenting and mindful living so they can heal the next generation and themselves. She teaches you how […]

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Rainn Wilson on How to Create a Spiritual Revolution

How can we foster more joy and optimism for ourselves and others? Rainn Wilson, NYT bestselling author, Emmy nominated actor, producer, podcaster, and cofounder of SoulPancake is back to share the spiritual explorations in his new book, Soul Boom: Why We Need a Spiritual Revolution. He reveals how to come to peace with your shadow […]

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2 Exercises to Help You Live in Integrity & Rediscover the Possibilities in Your Path

What worlds can you create when you’re in a place of self agency and integrity? Cathy walks you through 2 exercises that will help you release the shame around your dark side, become free of codependency, allow people to exit your circle without worrying what they’ll think, and choose belonging to yourself. – Join Cathy’s […]

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Gretchen Rubin on How a Life in Five Senses Leads to More Happiness & Creativity

How can you elevate your energy, joy and creativity by tuning into the present moment? Gretchen Rubin, NYT bestselling author, podcaster, and founder of Happiness Project is back to share what she discovered through writing her newest book, Life in Five Senses. She shares how to use your five senses to find gold in experiences […]

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Can Joy Be 100% of Your Day? + Samantha Skelly on How Breathwork Can Transform Your Life

How do you allow more joy into your every day? Cathy coaches a student, Angela, who wants to be a joy consultant but struggles to open up to more joy in her life. Then Samantha Skelly, founder & CEO of Pause Breathwork shares how breathwork can be a powerful healing practice that transforms your mindset […]

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How the Future You Want Can Become Your Reality Today

How can you change the frequency you’re emitting and become a magnet for money? Cathy coaches a student Jenn, who has been launching multiple things and wants to monetize without holding a needy energy. You’ll learn how to become a match for abundant opportunities, how to attract the customers and clients who will pay $85,000, […]

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Ozan Varol on How to Awaken Your Genius, Escape Conformity & Become Extraordinary

How can you stop hiding what makes you different and tap into your genius? Ozan Varol, rocket scientist turned award-winning professor, bestselling author, and speaker is back to share the gems from his new book, Awaken Your Genius. He shares how to free yourself from the suffocation of conformity, why daydreaming is essential to creativity, […]

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How to Feel Freedom & Become a Conduit for Abundance

How can you move self doubt aside and get clarity on where you should be spending your energy? Cathy coaches a student Cynthia, who is questioning if she’s in alignment with the work she’s meant to do. You’ll learn how to stop worrying about other people’s judgment, why charging someone money actually charges their batteries, […]

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Cheryl Strayed on Her Wild 1100 Mile Journey & Finding Gifts in Tiny Beautiful Things

How can you embrace the silver linings in all the ups and downs of the human experience? Cheryl Strayed, #1 NYT bestselling author, writer, producer, and podcast host went on a physical and spiritual quest when she trekked the Pacific Crest Trail, and the challenge uncovered a powerful strength within herself. She shares how to […]

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How to Enter a New Reality + a Mindfulness Practice to Get You Into Alignment

How can you find the gift in every moment and come back to yourself? Cathy shares some pieces from her retreat, including how to slow down and savor the present, how to create change through your vibration, how to step into alignment, and how to mentally rehearse the life you want so that it becomes […]

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