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Not Everyone Has to Like You

  Rejection sucks. But the good news is, 1) you don’t need everyone’s approval. And 2) it’s actually an opportunity to learn from the feedback. Cathy explains why we can be grateful of rejection, and shares your wins about opening a mobile book shop and turning in a resignation letter to  finally take that 4-year […]

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What Motivates You the Most – Daniel Pink

How is our motivation to succeed affected by timing and the type of work we do? Daniel Pink, best-selling author of multiple thought-provoking books such as When, Drive, To Sell is Human, and A Whole New Mind has spent decades investigating the truths and the threads between human behavior and the quality of work we […]

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You Are Closer Than You Think

  Does it ever feel like your zone of genius is light years away? You’d be surprised to learn that you’re already almost there. You just need to make a millimeter adjustment to find your groove. But it takes action and assessing for those indicators and guides to come out and show you the way. […]

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How to Curate A Sweet Candy Empire – Sugarfina’s Rosie O’Neill

  How did a niche idea for a grown up candy store explode into a nationwide treat? Rosie O’Neill, co-CEO & co-founder of the luxury candy boutique Sugarfina, took charge of her own destiny by quitting her high profile job at Barbie to pursue what she always wanted – her own business. She gives you the sweet […]

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What Do You Believe Is Possible?

  How much can you actually accomplish if you just believe it’s possible? You could become the circus performer who dropped out of physical therapy school. You could be the artist who is now selling screen classes in over 200 stores. This week features more unbelievable listener wins, plus Cathy also answers your questions about […]

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How A Compliment Turned a Teacher into an Entrepreneur – Melissa Camilleri

  How much impact can you have just by giving a compliment? Melissa Camilleri, founder of Compliment, was a high school teacher who never intended on becoming an entrepreneur. But after realizing the power that one little compliment had on her students, she created an entire business dedicated to uplifting and empowering others. She shares her […]

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What’s The Story You Tell Yourself?

  Is it time to change the story you tell yourself? How is it serving you? In this first mini episode, Cathy shares her advice on leveling up what you think is possible, the latest wins from you, and a listener question about sustaining your momentum after the initial spark of excitement gets lost. MENTIONED […]

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How to Quit Your Day Job (What They Don’t Teach in School, Part II)

  When you finally say, “I quit!” you don’t want your next thought to be “What did I just do…” How do you set yourself up for a seamless transition from that job to your business? Cathy shares what essential steps you need to take to build up your side hustle, how to serve your […]

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