How to Quit Your Day Job (What They Don’t Teach in School, Part II)



When you finally say, “I quit!” you don’t want your next thought to be “What did I just do…” How do you set yourself up for a seamless transition from that job to your business? Cathy shares what essential steps you need to take to build up your side hustle, how to serve your audience so they become your loyal customers, how to push through the false beliefs that keep you from starting, and why a day job is actually a blessing in disguise.

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  1. Remember that it is all possible.

  2. You do you. Let go of what you think other people are gonna say about you. Allow yourself to be yourself.

  3. Know your why. Why are you creating this business? What impact are you going to make?

  4. Stop playing it safe. Say yes. Make mistakes. Start NOW.

  5. Create your own education. Find a mentor, read books – just soak up knowledge in whatever way you can.

  6. Do the work. Validate. Adjust. Rinse and repeat.

  7. Know your ideal customer. Write down who they are, and how you will help them.

  8. Share your story. Put your “you-ness” out there. Because being you is your superpower.

  9. Believe it’s real before it’s real.

  10. Make dollar one. Start your side hustle.

  11. Embrace the fear, stay in it…and take flight.




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