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What They Don’t Teach in School, Part I

    Most of us spend at least 12 years in school, but we come out of it still wondering, “How can I be happier?” “How can I bring more fulfillment into my life?” “How can I develop the strength to fight every single challenge when it’s so overwhelming?” Cathy reveals the lessons you don’t […]

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How to Recreate the Recipe for Success – Gigi Butler of Gigi’s Cupcakes

  How can you recreate your dream when you’re working your butt off, and it’s not working out? Gigi Butler, founder of the popular Gigi’s Cupcakes was once an aspiring singer, cleaning Taylor Swift’s toilet to make ends meet. But after one phone call, she realigned her vision, opened her first cupcake shop, and grew […]

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How to Be Your Highest Self – Sahara Rose

    How do you become your most abundant self, in mind, body & spirit? Sahara Rose, best-selling Ayurveda author, entrepreneur, and host of the Highest Self Podcast didn’t start off with a PhD. She wasn’t an Ayurvedic expert, but she knew her story of self-healing was enough permission to pursue her calling. She sheds […]

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How to Network with Authenticity – Jordan Harbinger

  How can your network grow through authentic interactions and outreach? Jordan Harbinger, veteran podcaster, entrepreneur, and networking extraordinaire has spent years studying and practicing the important act of nurturing his relationships, even when he’s not looking for anything in return. He shares how to genuinely reconnect with old contacts without feeling awkward, how to […]

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How to Stop Overthinking

    Overthinking – we’re all guilty of it. It paralyzes us, creates anxiety, brings out fears we didn’t even know we had. So how do we escape our crazy, negative thought spiral? Cathy shares her tricks to quiet down your wild mind, including how to pinpoint the root cause of your overthinking, what practices […]

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