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How do you become your most abundant self, in mind, body & spirit? Sahara Rose, best-selling Ayurveda author, entrepreneur, and host of the Highest Self Podcast didn’t start off with a PhD. She wasn’t an Ayurvedic expert, but she knew her story of self-healing was enough permission to pursue her calling. She sheds a light on how she found courage and managed the impostor syndrome, how your tribe resonates with your authentic self, what money really does to you, and why having haters is a good sign.

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  1. Remember your why. Bring in that sacral – the enjoyment, the creativity, the playfulness. Don’t get stuck in “work work work” mode.

  2. Your fear, your anxiety – that won’t change. But you can change how you deal with it.

  3. When you want something, it’s not how you act towards that one thing – it’s how you act in all areas of your life.

  4. Go as niche as you can.

  5. Your tribe is a version of you. Be authentically yourself because that’s who they connect to.

  6. Be consistent even if it’s not perfect.

  7. Know when to say “yes”. Create space for what matters.

  8. Money is energy. It won’t change you. It’s just a magnifying glass of who you are.

  9. You can’t just put out content. You have to put out value.

  10. Take the best of what you want. Then put your own spin on it.

  11. There are traditionalists and trailblazers. If you wanna be a trailblazer, you better be pushing people’s buttons.




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