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What is The Artist’s Way – Julia Cameron

  How do you unlock your creative brilliance? Julia Cameron, author of the international bestselling book The Artist’s Way wrote this inspiring and invaluable piece of work to empower creatives through their limiting beliefs and recognize their true inner artist. She explains how to use essential tools like Morning Pages and Artist Dates to explore […]

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How to Rise Up After 10,000 “No”s

  When your living is to hear the word “No,” how do you find the strength to keep persevering? Actor Matthew Del Negro (Scandal, The Sopranos) and podcast host of 10,000 “No”s has spent his entire career in the cycle of chasing auditions, landing amazing roles, returning to rejection, and holding faith that the next […]

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How to Grow an Engaged Facebook Group – Jill Stanton

  Why should you make a Facebook Group for your business or brand? How do you grow an engaged, active Facebook Group? Jill Stanton, co-founder of Screw the Nine to Five, has mastered the craft of building, expanding, and managing successful Facebook Groups. She shares her expert advice on how to welcome new members and […]

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How to Find Your Voice on YouTube – Hannah Hart

  How do you make content that satisfies your creative message and a community with millions of followers? How do you stay true to who you are, even when you aren’t feeling 100%? Hannah Hart – award-winning YouTube star, best-selling author, and podcast host of Hannahlyze This – is on top of the career food […]

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