What is The Artist’s Way – Julia Cameron



How do you unlock your creative brilliance? Julia Cameron, author of the international bestselling book The Artist’s Way wrote this inspiring and invaluable piece of work to empower creatives through their limiting beliefs and recognize their true inner artist. She explains how to use essential tools like Morning Pages and Artist Dates to explore your creative potential, how to shut down the Inner Critic and Crazy Makers, and how to discover faith and security as you begin to take authentic risks.

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  1. Even when you have nothing left to say, you’ll be surprised – there’s always something else to write down.

  2. Let the morning pages take you in an unfamiliar direction. Take authentic risks.

  3. Don’t let your inner critic bully you. Turn the negative thoughts into positive ones until that negativity has no power over you.

  4. The crazy maker drama is really just an excuse to not take authentic creative risks.

  5. If you can find humor, you can overcome criticism.

  6. Play with your ideas. Have an Artist Date.

  7. Take the small action that fits into the life you’ve got.

  8. Name someone who is your believing mirror. Imagine what encouragement they would tell you.

  9. Creativity belongs to all of us. Working on it is exercising a birthright.

  10. We are all creative. With a few simple tools, you can move into your creativity. It’s never too late.





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