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How do you make content that satisfies your creative message and a community with millions of followers? How do you stay true to who you are, even when you aren’t feeling 100%? Hannah Hart – award-winning YouTube star, best-selling author, and podcast host of Hannahlyze This – is on top of the career food chain, but she’s the first to admit that she’s a work in progress when it comes to dealing with her depression and mental health. She shares her advice on why you should stop believing in the “overnight success,” what best practices you should follow regardless of the numbers, and how to manage the unwelcome voices in your head – and instead, tell yourself “Good job.”

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  Photo by Robyn Von Swank

Photo by Robyn Von Swank

  1. There’s no such thing as overnight success. It’s an excuse to give up your dream or never make it happen.

  2. Be consistent regardless of results. Focus on the qualitative outcomes, not the quantitative ones.

  3. If you feel fulfillment in the process of creating, you’re in a good spot.

  4. De-invite the parts of your mind that aren’t serving you.

  5. Forgive yourself.

  6. Actively tell yourself you are worthy.

  7. Self awareness is not an a-ha moment. It takes time to see patterns and take responsibility.

  8. Collaborate and diversify. Build your voice and a community of people who you like.

  9. Create content that’s in line with what your audience wants and what you want.

  10. Have a reason why you’re doing this. Don’t be a bot.

  11. Good job.



  1. Be consistent.

  2. Collaborate.

  3. Diversify.

  4. Create content that you want and what your audience wants.

  5. Naturally want to participate.

  • Listener wins!


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