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How Vulnerability Went Viral – Morgan Harper Nichols

  How did sharing a moment of brokenness lead to a massive audience? Morgan Harper Nichols, writer, artist, and musician never thought her work was different or important enough to be shared. But one decision to be vulnerable and expose her shattered feelings out into the world completely changed her life. She explains how to […]

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Revealing A Juicy Addition to the Book

  We’ve all experienced moments when we felt invisible, like we could disappear and no one would even notice. But you always matter. You are so needed. Cathy shares a story from her past that explains why this message is so important to her. Then we dive into a coaching call about how to get […]

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An Incredible Story About the Power of Your Alter Ego – Todd Herman

  What inner superpowers will you unlock when you step into your alter ego? Todd Herman, bestselling author of The Alter Ego Effect has spent decades coaching athletes, entrepreneurs, and celebrities tap into the best version of themselves and become unstoppable in their dreams. He shares how you can untether yourself from your limiting paradigms, […]

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Another Powerful Coaching Session with a Brave Listener

  How can having the courage to share your story become your superpower? Cathy shares another moving conversation with a listener Olivia, an actress, standup comedian, and performer who isn’t sure which direction to take. They get deep into how to get clarity when you’re exploring multiple interests, how to build a financially sustainable business […]

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A Meaningful Conversation with the Best-Selling Author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck – Mark Manson

  How does your pain transform into purpose? Mark Manson, best-selling author and blogger has helped millions around the world get clear on their values instead of chasing their illusionary goals. He reveals how to use your mind’s negative bias to your advantage, how to fail your way into success, and how your sacrifices build […]

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How to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

  How will your life be impacted in the next 5, 10, or 20 years if you refuse to let go of your limiting beliefs? In this episode, Cathy gets deep with a listener who feels discouraged from the slow growth of her podcast audience. This coaching call digs into the origin of our limiting […]

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How a Florist Designed A Life With No Regrets – Emma Elizabeth Bates

  How can you create a life with no regrets? Emma Elizabeth Bates, floral designer at Steelcut Flower Co. was stuck at an architecture firm, worrying that life was passing her by and she would never have the chance to add beauty to the world. She shares how she heeded the signs of her wakeup […]

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How to Build Your Confidence

  How can you have more self-esteem and belief in your worth? This episode features Cathy’s coaching call with a listener Jamie, an opera singer who is struggling to find the confidence to declare her value. It’s an eye-opening conversation about how to expand your passion into alternate routes towards business, how to identify what […]

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How to Level Up Your Business

  What are some essential steps you should take to elevate your ideas and your business? Cathy shares a few audience questions from the epic Dreamtopia Workshop, plus some of this show’s most memorable nuggets of wisdom and stories. Soak up these pieces of advice on how to rewire your money mindset, how to provide […]

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