How Vulnerability Went Viral – Morgan Harper Nichols



How did sharing a moment of brokenness lead to a massive audience? Morgan Harper Nichols, writer, artist, and musician never thought her work was different or important enough to be shared. But one decision to be vulnerable and expose her shattered feelings out into the world completely changed her life. She explains how to practice radical empathy for the people who need your gifts, how to identify the uniqueness in your voice, how to create different streams of income as a multi-hyphenate, and how to give yourself the grace to stop and breathe in a season of overwhelm.

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  1. Have the courage to share your brokenness.

  2. We are from all walks of life. But we’ve all experienced the same emotions, and that’s where the stories connect.

  3. You are not alone in your pain. There’s hope that it will get better.

  4. Build a rhythm in your routine so you can reach out to one person at a time.

  5. We each have a unique voice, a unique way of saying things. That is what makes your art special.

  6. You can redefine your version of consistency.

  7. Have grace for yourself. There may be breaks and gaps, but that does not make you any less worthy.


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