Listening to this podcast makes me feel loved. I can’t help but smile and feel inspired to go create the life of my dreams."



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What Are You Meant to Do – Jeff Goins

  Is it possible that many artists are far from starving? Are all successful artists truly an original? Debunk the myths about “real artists” with best-selling author and blogger Jeff Goins, who built the bridge of his writing career with a few essential steps – and a ton of commitment. He shares how much time […]

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How to Lead a Joyful Life – Martha Beck

  What’s the secret to a life of joy? Martha Beck, bestselling author, speaker, and life coach reveals the simple, yet often forgotten solution to the thing that makes us happy. She also explains how to recognize your essential self vs. your social self, why your definition of “everyone” creates a huge roadblock, and why […]

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How to Build a Business – The Basics

  What essential ingredients do you need before you start pursuing your passion? Cathy walks you through the main steps that will clarify what work you should share with the world, and how you can make it a reality. Learn about the different ways to determine your ikigai, strategies to define and discover your audience, […]

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How to Be A Badass – Jen Sincero

  How can you start kicking ass in your career, your finances, and your unlimited potential? Best-selling author Jen Sincero was broke and miserable at age 40, but she realized she had the power to change this reality – so she did. She shares the strategies to finding your inner badass, including why you need […]

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How to Find Your Audience

  How can you find the followers, customers, the audience who want what you have to offer? What information should you know about your target market? Cathy shares the tactics to tailor your service to your core community, the exercise to pinpoint which values you and your tribe have in common, and the steps to […]

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