How to Build a Business – The Basics



What essential ingredients do you need before you start pursuing your passion? Cathy walks you through the main steps that will clarify what work you should share with the world, and how you can make it a reality. Learn about the different ways to determine your ikigai, strategies to define and discover your audience, types of content you can create, and methods to turn your outreach pitches into valuable offers. 

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  1. Align with your ikigai. Find the work that you love to do, that you’re good at, and that the world wants from you.

  2. Know the end user, and where the end user is already going.

  3. Assess and get feedback. People love to share their opinion.

  4. Create content. Build your runway before you send out offers.

  5. There’s no shame in not being perfect.

  6. Make a decision to embrace a positive mindset.

  7. We all have an ecosystem that needs resources to flow.

  8. The more you believe it’s possible and doable, the more things will change.

  9. It’s not about sales, pitches, or interrupting someone’s day – it’s about providing value. It’s about empathy.

  10. You have a unique superpower, a unique zone of genius. No one else has what you have to offer. Go share that with the world.



  • The essential steps of starting a business:

  1. Align with your ikigai.

  2. Find your audience.

    • How will your product / service offer value to someone else?

    • Be specific as possible.

    • Locate where your audience is already going (blogs, coffee shops, boutiques, etc.)

  3. Get feedback.

  4. Create content.

    • Make videos, blog posts, cheat sheets, photos – build an awareness around your passion.

    • Show the behind-the-scenes process, a day in the life, or how-to guides. Create connection and trust.

  5. Find a supportive environment.

  6. Radiate empathy in your outreach strategy.

    • Think about the person you’re trying to connect with. What do they need? How can you provide that and solve their problem?

    • Research the projects they work on. Make sure your work fulfills a gap that can help them towards their goal.

    • Be personable.

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