What Are You Meant to Do – Jeff Goins



Is it possible that many artists are far from starving? Are all successful artists truly an original? Debunk the myths about “real artists” with best-selling author and blogger Jeff Goins, who built the bridge of his writing career with a few essential steps – and a ton of commitment. He shares how much time you should dedicate to marketing your craft, why you need to identify who you are, when you should (and shouldn’t) be stubborn, and how to cultivate an apprentice-patron relationship with someone who has influenced you.

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  1. You can do the thing you love, but if you want to make it a business you must adopt disciplines that go beyond the hobby.

  2. Build the bridge instead of taking the leap.

  3. Before telling your life what you’ll do with it, listen to it tell you who you are.

  4. Be willing to be the apprentice before trying to become the master.

  5. Pivot around the obstacles instead of trying to run through it. Let failures be the sign posts that redirect you along the journey.

  6. It’s not about being the most talented. It’s about knowing what the market wants.

  7. Great art starts with copying, but it doesn’t end there.

  8. Be stubborn on vision, be flexible on details.

  9. Cultivate patrons. Do the work, then reach out and say “Thank you for X. It helped me do Y. What about Z?”

  10. Find out what you really want and how that aligns with who you really are. Don’t get trapped being a success at the wrong thing.

  11. Start the race knowing that you’re already enough. Once you win the race, you can either keep moving the finish line – or keep running just for the fun of it.




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