Amber Rae on How to Unlock the Answers Within You


How can you live in your truth? Amber Rae, bestselling author, artist, and a leader in emotional wellness and self-discovery realized she wasn’t in alignment with her soul, so she went on a journey to return to her authentic self. She shares how we can make rejection a blessing, how to be present in every moment, what you should ask yourself every day to get clear on what you really want, and how to gain clarity and courage to trust your intuition.

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1. Rejection is redirection. The moments of rejection are opportunities to reflect and ask yourself, “Am I presenting as my true self, or am I performing to try to get a yes?”
2. Make more mistakes. Mistakes and failures are lessons and wisdom in disguise.
3. Success is about who you are becoming in the process. It’s in the journey we get to take to get there. Success is an immersion path based on living from truth, authenticity and integrity. What emerges is the mystery of life that we get to dance with.
4. When you’re in place of stillness, surrender, and open listening, your voice of intuition speaks.
5. Be in the river of life. Let the river of life dance with you and reveal what’s true.
6. Life is an eternal moment. Bring your full present moment to it, even in the discomfort and mundane. Find the beauty in every moment.
7. Get a pen and paper, set a 10 minute timer, and write “What truth am I afraid to admit to myself? What do I really want?” There’s no right or wrong answer. It’s just a space where you get to connect with yourself. Keep asking the questions and see what comes to the surface.


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