From Painting Houses to Changing the World – Timothy Goodman


How did a troubled, lost teen become a creative phenomenon featured on CNN, NPR and other national press? Timothy Goodman, designer, illustrator, muralist, and artist grew up with no sense of what direction to take. But he found his groove in designing murals and creating viral social experiments. He shares how he dealt with depression even after becoming a success, how to make your life into art, and how to commit to what you truly want to do.

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1. You gotta play a long time to play like yourself. Put in the hours to practice and continue to do it.

2. Let people know what you’re doing. Send the emails. Reach out to your contacts.
3. When someone doesn’t give you time of day, use it as fuel to the fire.
4. Make your life into art.
5. Keep making things. Exhaust all the possibilities it can be. That’s how you find the things that excite you.
6. Attempt to do and say everything in your life with as much love as possible.
7. Make time for yourself and to love yourself. You matter.
8. Allow space for yourself to try and grow as much as you can.
9. Commit to the things you always wanted to do.


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