Listening to this podcast makes me feel loved. I can’t help but smile and feel inspired to go create the life of my dreams."



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Revealing A Juicy Addition to the Book

  We’ve all experienced moments when we felt invisible, like we could disappear and no one would even notice. But you always matter. You are so needed. Cathy shares a story from her past that explains why this message is so important to her. Then we dive into a coaching call about how to get […]

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Another Powerful Coaching Session with a Brave Listener

  How can having the courage to share your story become your superpower? Cathy shares another moving conversation with a listener Olivia, an actress, standup comedian, and performer who isn’t sure which direction to take. They get deep into how to get clarity when you’re exploring multiple interests, how to build a financially sustainable business […]

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How to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

  How will your life be impacted in the next 5, 10, or 20 years if you refuse to let go of your limiting beliefs? In this episode, Cathy gets deep with a listener who feels discouraged from the slow growth of her podcast audience. This coaching call digs into the origin of our limiting […]

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How a Florist Designed A Life With No Regrets – Emma Elizabeth Bates

  How can you create a life with no regrets? Emma Elizabeth Bates, floral designer at Steelcut Flower Co. was stuck at an architecture firm, worrying that life was passing her by and she would never have the chance to add beauty to the world. She shares how she heeded the signs of her wakeup […]

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How Cats & Coffee Inspired a Thriving Business – Zanetta Kok

  How did coffee resurrect confidence and courage in a failed entrepreneur? Zanetta Kok, founder of Kitty Town Coffee was feeling lost in a sweet corporate job, a side hustle that had no sales, and a yearning to find fulfillment in her work. She shares how her generosity led to a viral moment, how to […]

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How to Launch A Jewelry Collection – Marcela Ponce

  How do you create a jewelry line that gets featured in the world of fashion? Marcela Ponce, designer and co-founder of Demarson debuted her own jewelry collection without a full, perfectly thought out plan. But within just a few months, she gathered the attention of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Modi Operandi, and a major celebrity […]

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How a Vegan Blogger Made $80,000 in 3 Months – Tomi Makanjuola

  How did a vegan blogger gather the courage to hit publish, and then make over a year’s worth of income? Tomi Makanjuola, chef, cookbook author, and blogger at the Vegan Nigerian had been blogging and opening pop-up restaurants as a side project, but her limited mindset kept letting her procrastinate on her dreams. She […]

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