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New Year Edition with Cathy Heller

DISCOVER What You Were Born To Do and make a living doing what you love

Make a Career From Your Life's Work in 12 Transformational Weeks

What if another year passes you by?
… without discovering what you were put on this planet to achieve.

What if another year passes you by?
… and you’re still stuck in your day job, building someone else’s dream.
We’re at a new year, a new decade. The stakes are way too high for you to put off the life that you deserve.

It's time to step into your bigger mission...

Create deep, honest relationships with the people you were meant to serve...

Give them your genius....

Scale your contribution...

And make a beautiful living through the gifts that make you shine. 


"Cathy has been the biggest inspiration for me! I had no idea that I wanted to open a bakery until I started listening to her podcast. It motivated me to take my side gig to the next step and transition into a full time love. I’ve learned marketing and promotion skills from Cathy. As crazy as it is, I now inspire others to take their hobbies and turn them into jobs. I’ve learned it’s ok to fail and share failures as a teaching tool. I look forward to Cathy's inspiration each and every week."

Don't just take my word for it!


Greg Franklin, The cheesecake ninja

Finding your life’s calling and turning it into a profit doesn’t have to be an uphill climb.

On the other side of the nagging voice in your head...

“But what if I’m not ready?”

 “What if I mess it up and no one likes it?”

“Am I doing what I was born to do?”

First, take a deep breath.
Next, let me tell you...

You don’t need to put in umpteen hours a week to figure out how to impact thousands of lives. You don’t need to reach Beyonce or Oprah status. It’s not about becoming a celebrity, an influencer, an expert, a billionaire...
You can show up perfectly imperfect, just the way you are.
You just need that push from someone who knows what it’s like to stand on the edge, feeling so uncertain...yet so longing for a revolution in your own existence.
That’s where I come in.

Throughout these 90 special days...
I will be here to hold your hand through the storm of facing your inner demons and limiting beliefs.
I will help you get clarity on the thing you are made to do.
I will teach you the 5+ key methods that have grown my passion driven business into 6 and 7 figures.
I will keep you accountable to implement these methods in your own work and get results.

I will be your ultimate cheerleader who makes sure that you show up for yourself.

Because you truly deserve it.

You’re made for something more if any of these thoughts have ever crossed your mind…

“I have something tugging inside that says I’m meant for something bigger, but I don’t know what that is.”
“I would love to be my own boss and make a really fruitful income by doing something that lights me up inside. I’m tired of building someone else’s dream.”

“I want to share my story because I know it can empower someone else to change their life.”

“I want to explore my passion, connect with more amazing, like-minded people, and set off on a mission together.”

“I do what I love, but I know there’s a bigger impact I can have. I just need to figure out how to get traction.”

“I want to align with the work that I’m meant to do in this lifetime.”

If any of the above ring true there's nothing I would love more than to guide you through how to identify the gifts you already have inside of you - and transform it into your life’s work.
So when you walk into the world with your mission:

… you’ll fully awaken to a life that’s an extension of your soul.

…you’ll know who would most benefit from your gifts.

…you’ll bring it all together with a clear picture of how to walk/live/breathe your life’s calling.’ll grow a purpose driven business that has already been validated by the people you’re here to serve.’ll walk into this new decade, set up for abundant success.

What if uncovering your life’s mission only requires being even more of your brilliant, passionate self? 


This is a picture of me 12 years ago after I just heard Oprah speak. (You’ll see there’s an “O” on my bag.)

It was an event called O University in San Francisco. A day full of classes from Oprah and her close friends like Martha Beck and Nate Berkus and Suze Orman.

I was 28. I felt so inspired that day. I was crying.

Have you ever had that moment where you know there’s something major you want to do with your life, but there’s no clarity to show you the path? I had tried so many things at that point.

I had been dropped from a record label. I had tried working with kids doing mindfulness. I had gotten a real estate license. I had worked in non profit. I felt like I was still searching for that alignment with my authentic self.

I didn’t know then exactly what I was supposed to do or how I would do it, but I knew I felt compelled to lift other people.

Along the way, there were so many times I did what I dreaded most. I had to get a J-O-B.

Because I thought it was impossible to catch my big break.

But then a glimmer of hope caught my attention. I heard about indie artists making $150k per year licensing music for film and TV.

So I followed my curiosity and reversed engineered their path. I researched who could open the door for me. I did hours of outreach, sending thousands of emails to music supervisors and folks in the business. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was using radical amounts of empathy to make sure that my music was serving their needs. (Psst - these are all super must-do pieces that I teach in depth in this program)
Soon, other artists asked me to help license their music. So I became an agent. Then songwriters approached me, asking if I could teach them the steps to music licensing. I said, “Okay, why not? Let’s try it out.” I taught in person workshops, and then an online course. I had no clue what I was really doing. But I was so energized by seeing what I could do for other people, how I could change their lives - and I just trusted that my true passion could keep catapulting me forward.
Then I launched a podcast. Thousands of creative souls started showing up left, right and center, listening to my words and getting inspired to turn their artistic passion into a career. Sponsors came flooding in. I got a book deal within the first 2 weeks of starting the show.

When it all clicked together, I was unstoppable.

Whether I was investigating, teaching, curating, or creating it was all perfectly orchestrated by passion. Wild horses couldn't stop me from creating a crescendo of success.

All I had to do was listen to what people needed and serve them.

It’s amazing to think I had no idea that a decade after my trip to see Oprah, I would have a podcast, publish a book and make 7 figures by following my life’s calling.

I didn’t know one day I would have the opportunity to interview the same giants from Oprah's stage and connect with so many souls on my podcast. (Martha Beck is amazing beyond words, by the way.)

You know what's better than me setting ablaze my pantsuits and letting my passion light the fire?

Watching you travel, parent or work in sweatpants alongside me…

And still be a professional, awesome business owner who serves others from a place of total alignment.

How I Discovered My Life’s Work and Set Fire to My Pile of Pantsuits

Looking back on this photo, it seems surreal.

This program is created for kind, compassionate creative souls like you, ready to listen to the whisper inside of themselves. Knowing full well with a nudge from me they can make their passion blossom into doing significant, world-changing work.

I created this life-altering training because the world deserves more of you in it.

But the only way you can shine your light is by taking action.

No action = no results. 
This program is going to push you out of your comfort zone and catapult you into a wild wave of messy, inspired action. 
By the end of this program...
- You will know what you are made to do…
- You will be fully equipped with the 5+ key strategies on how you can create your signature offer…
- You will have proof that your audience can’t wait to buy the thing you can contribute…
- You will have the confidence that this business can soar…
- And you will walk away with the belief that you are truly worthy of this life.

Weeks 1-4:
- Reignite your creative spirit and explore the passion that is your true calling
- Pinpoint your genius and go-to gifts that people need from you
- Open your eyes to the possibilities of how your passion can make you a six figure income as a Creator, Teacher, Curator, or Investigator
- Identify who you are meant to serve, where to find them, and how to do the outreach to build honest relationships with these special souls
Weeks 5-12:
- Start building your army of 1000 true fans & attract your first clients
- Craft, test and validate the signature offer that your audience can’t wait to buy from you
- Create content that speaks to your audience and makes them feel seen
- Test out different platforms and identify where you truly shine
- Nurture and grow an engaging community on Instagram and Facebook
- Send emails and pitches that effectively communicate your message & make the receiver want to respond
- Market your launch through events (i.e. challenges, masterclasses, workshops) that make your audience excited for what you have to give them
- Scale the sale by reaching out to the contacts who can give you visibility to more of your people
- Break through your limiting beliefs and the impostor syndrome that’s keeping you small
- Equip yourself with the tools and mindset to keep you on track for exponential growth as you forge ahead
- Shift your money mindset, rewrite the old narratives about your worth, and set yourself up for financial abundance

12 weeks of live group coaching with me to do the inner work, explore what your heart is really called to do, set course towards serving the people you’re meant to impact, and get proof of concept that your passion project can be a thriving business
12 video modules, bonus masterclasses & assignments to give you the roadmap on how to uncover your life’s work, serve the people who want and need your gifts, and validate your passion fueled offer so you’re guaranteed for endless growth
A private Facebook Group where you’ll be part of this special community of other like-minded entrepreneurs and creators. Research says that the #1 factor that keeps us on track with our goals is being surrounded with the people who believe in us and challenge us. This Facebook group will do exactly that for you. We will fuel each other with feedback and loving support through all the ups and downs. These are going to be relationships that could last a lifetime.
Accountability groups to help keep your head up, and stay on track with your goals throughout each step of the way. My team will be your accountability group coach to check in with you & your peer group to help you through any hurdles or blocks you're facing.


Grab a pUMPKIN SPICE latte, let's dig in.


what will you accomplish in made to do this?

Hang on, of course we’ll explore even deeper together…

I want to hand you these exact same tools that have changed my life so you don’t have to waste your precious time going in circles. It doesn’t have to be that way.

BONUS #1: Circle of Support 

You’ll be placed into an intimate, peer led accountability group to help keep your head up, and stay on track with your goals and take action each step of the way. My team will also be there as accountability coaches to have ongoing check in session and make sure you're showing up for yourself.

The sweetest part is the opportunity to connect with kindred spirits who are seeking the answers to these big life questions alongside you. The lifelong friendships will be forged with people who will be by your side for the rest of the journey.

BONUS #2: Made to Do This Exclusive Facebook Group

Get Cathy’s eyes, heart, mind and ears on figuring out what career path is meant for you and how that will lead you towards an abundant life.

Every week in these live group coaching sessions, you’ll have a chance to ask your questions, get feedback, and dive deeper into your specific challenges. You’ll also get the benefit of meeting + networking with me, my team, and like-minded individuals and learning from their success as well.

Plus, this group is the perfect place to get in on the ground floor and build real relationships with your fellow students who could be your future collaborators and members in your own special cohort. They might invite you to be a guest on their podcast, teach on their stages, or partner on offering your product to their communities… this kind of magic happens all the time in my programs.

There's nothing I love more than being the catalyst to lifetime friendships forged in the group. I like to think of the community as something we build together brick by brick...

BONUS #3: 5 Bonus Masterclasses

You will get an exclusive seat to these special masterclasses that are not available to the rest of my audience:
1. How to grow your Instagram
2. How to create a super engaged Facebook Group
3. How to write emails that have your list clicking, buying, and drooling at your every word - with special expert guest Laura Belgray
4. How to find your ideal client - with special guest expert Melissa Camilleri
5. How to master storyselling - with special guest Tracy Matthews


This is the only place to get my exclusive bonuses + the entire Made to Do This PROGRAM
(valued at over $21K). 

The investment to start this new chapter of your life?




Access To All 12 Weeks of Classes, Lives + Bonuses 

Bonus: Live Group Coaching with Cathy 

Private Facebook Group 24/7 for the full 90 days



Access To All 12 Weeks of Classes, Lives + Bonuses

Bonus: Live Group Coaching with Cathy

Private Facebook Group 24/7 for the full 90 days

CARt closes january 24th @ midnight PST!

PAY IN FULL - $2997

Access To All 12 Weeks of Classes, Lives + Bonuses

Bonus: Live Group Coaching with Cathy

Private Facebook Group 24/7 for the full 90 days


These classes have been tested over the last decade as I built my own 6- and 7-figure brands out of my life’s work. Ultimately, by the end of this program you will know WHAT you are here to contribute, WHO you are meant to serve, and HOW you can actually make it a profitable, life changing business.

I guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your results if you do the work. If you decide the program isn’t what you need after all, show us the work you have completed in the first 2 weeks and we’ll refund you for the remainder of the class.

Once you sign, you’ll have lifetime access to soak up all the resources as many times as you like.

What I don’t want this to be is another piece of info to collect dust on your digital bookshelf. This training is for action-driven people committed to letting their passion be their life’s work.

You Were Made to Do This
"Test and Apply” Guarantee



"I had no expectations leading into the one on one coaching session with Cathy. The minute we connected, I felt safe. Cathy listened intently and showed so much empathy. I told her my story, what I wished to accomplish and what was holding me back. Cathy went all in!

She broke down what I was feeling and walked me through why it wasn’t real. We cried together and connected in such a beautiful way. She gave me tactical advice and steps to implement the same day!!

One hour with Cathy accomplished more than I could have ever imagined. My heart is full of gratitude and her kind words of encouragement. My mind is full of great ideas and a new found belief in my dreams.

Coaching sessions with Cathy are a must for anyone with a dream too scared to move forward."

erika moya

 i quit my day job & get to live life on my terms!

"I joined Cathy's podcast course in the summer of 2018. I launched my podcast 'Do the Damn Thing! in October 2018 and shortly after a listener reached out to ask if I offered 1:1 coaching. With that push from the universe, I launched my life coaching business where I serve people who want to take action in their lives but need that extra push and support. I absolutely love my clients and it’s because of them that I was able to quit my day job at the end of April 2019. I spent the summer traveling with my family, all while continuing to serve my clients (& sign more clients!). It was so nice to not have to put in for time off or stress about work coverage. :) Now I dedicate my time to my clients and my podcast and I know this is just the beginning. Thank you for showing me what’s possible!"

Liz heron

Q: How long is the program?

A: It's a full, 12-week program, and each week comes with its own coaching call, for lots of real-time learning opportunities.

Q: I have a 9-5 job. What if I can’t make it for those real-time learning opportunities?

A: Even if you can’t make it live, you’ll get the recorded replay to all the coaching sessions. It'll feel like I'm sitting right with you :) This won't take away from how much you grow in the 12 weeks - past students have found that they still get tons of value from watching the replays!

Q: Who's the right audience for Made to Do This? How do I know if I'm a fit?

A: I love this question because I believe that knowing your audience is so important, and that not everything is a great fit for everyone—including this program.

This is for you if you fall into one of these categories:

>>> You have no idea what you want to do, but you know that the life and the job you currently have is not cutting it. You want to come home to yourself again and build your own career through the passion and talents you were born with. You feel held back from stepping into your zone of genius and really making an impact in the way you were built to serve. Sometimes you hear your inner child whisper, “Remember how much you loved painting? Remember how much fun it was to sing on stage? Will we ever do that again?” But you’re filled with fear of what people would think if you dared to explore those old passions, because no one ever gave you the permission to do it.
>>> You already have a side hustle or your own business - whether it’s selling your homemade crafts on Etsy, coaching clients through your yoga practice, writing your lifestyle blog - and you know there’s so much room to grow. The truth is, most entrepreneurs and creatives dive into one business - because messy, imperfect action is all part of the process, right? But it’s not actually the work where they can really show up in the world and have the biggest impact. And it just takes a slight, two degree pivot to align with the actual work that’s going to create so much more expansion.

I'm going to help you really define what you’re destined to do, where you shine the brightest, and how that can be turned into your life’s work. If you want to discover your mission, serve in the biggest way possible and make a living while doing it, then you'll fit right in.

Q: What will we be learning?

A: Basically, we’re opening the Pandora’s box of possibilities on how to turn your passion project into a growing, thriving business. In the program, you'll learn how to...

>>> Align your passion and genius with the work you’re meant to do
>>> Identify who you are meant to serve, where to find them, and how to reach out to them in a way that opens the door to honest transactions and true relationships
>>> Scale the sale by finding the right contacts and crafting a message that will get them to respond
>>> Gain visibility and grow a beautiful, super engaged community on Instagram and Facebook
>>> Master the different marketing strategies (challenges, webinars, live events, and more) that get your audience fired up for what you’re about to give them
>>> Create and validate the offer that will make your passion profitable
>>> Make a six figure living as a Creator, Teacher, Curator, or Investigator
>>> Shift your money mindset, rewrite the old narratives about your worth, and set yourself up for financial freedom
>>> Break through your limiting beliefs and the impostor syndrome that’s holding you back
>>> Create a life where you can’t wait to wake up every day and rip it open

...and lots more!

Q: If I can't make it this time, will there be more opportunities for classes with coaching sessions in the future?

A: I can’t promise that I’ll roll out this specific program again, but I love coaching so much that I will most definitely have more opportunities similar to this in the future. I also have in person retreats planned out for 2020.

Q: Tell it to me straight: Is this really worth the money?

A: If you’re ready to really invest in yourself AND you’re ready to implement what you learn, YES. If you’re business is already making money, these strategies will help you make more money and contribute even more to the world. So the real question is: what’s the cost of not investing?

Q: How much time will I get with you?

A: Great question! You’ll get access to me through the exclusive Made to Do This Facebook group, including weekly Facebook Lives. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with me and kindred spirits who are seeking the answers to these big life questions, plus you can post questions, start conversations and make lifelong friendships with people who will be by your side for the rest of the journey.

Q: Do I have to finish each lesson before moving to the next?

A: The beauty of Made to Do This is you don’t have to finish each lesson after the first one! So yes, while I created the classes to go in a certain order... you don’t have to keep up with the speed of the group or fully implement one digital training to move to the next. It’s all about making it work for YOU.

Got another question about Made to Do This? DM me on Instagram @cathy.heller and I’ll send you a message asap.




"I just spent the past few days with Cathy and twelve other extraordinary, fierce, beautiful, shining souls. She created a space for us to come together, learn, be inspired, and take action.

We breathed, wept, and experienced some deep healing with Lili Pettit from Clutter Healing. We tuned in to our hearts, learned how to step outside our comfort zones and taught us how to live and lead with radical empathy.

She helped us visualize the light that we can each bring into the world, and gave us the tools to make it happen. Ninety days from now, we will all celebrate our first accomplishments. I can’t wait to see where we all are in a year. Tremendous gratitude to Cathy, and her entire team. You are changing lives. "

Ariela Rossberg


"About a month ago I was chosen along with 13 other amazing women to be apart of Cathy's GLOW retreat. This was an amazing experience and I learned SO MUCH! Thank you Cathy Heller for opening up your home graciously and sharing so authentically.

You are the real deal girl! No fluff, no bullshit... honest, open and empathetic with enthusiasm that is infectious! Can’t wait to digest it all and CREATE MAGIC."

Sally Young


"I participated in Cathy's 1st ever Glow Retreat and got so much out of it! Not only is Cathy a genius at "Big Picture" business ideas, but her ability to help create a community out of a dozen or so women participants is fabulous!

I feel a renewed sense of purpose and motivation for my business after spending 2 days with all these wonderful women. The tools we learned (both business and mindset) have given me a lot to think about and implement in my business."

Heather Challberg


One day with these women surpassed my craziest dreams for this adventure. On day two, Cathy lit a match and we are on fire. During my flight home to NYC I generated A FULL YEAR of content and made a successful pitch to the man sitting next to me. "

diane lowy

✅Wants to follow your passion, but you haven’t been successful yet. Made to Do This was made with women in mind who know they were meant for something more. If you’ve fallen short in the past. Let me support you in turning your stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

 ✅Is willing to stop arguing for your limitations. All those "yeah, buts....." that go through your head are outdated stories holding you back from stepping into a bigger mission. Fear is healthy. Part of the work is for you to gently acknowledge and release the old mind chatter and replace it with a proven plan that will take you from confused to confident.

 ✅Is fully committed to trying something new. I’ve done everything I can to create Made to Do This in a way that stacks the odds in your favor. Join me at the starting line, and I’ll meet you where you are, so we can both soak up the sweet satisfaction of a fulfilled life side by side.

 ✅Is willing to commit 20 minutes a day to these classes. This is a no-fluff curriculum. I don't need hours a day to get you results, if you commit to spending 20 minutes a day every day implementing what I teach inside Made To Do This you can absolutely get game-changing results.


The truth is, everyone has Michael Jordan level talent at something.

But what most of us are missing is momentum because we don’t take action. We’re afraid of being messy and making a fool of ourself. We don’t give ourself the grace to be mediocre on our way to becoming brilliant. We don’t give ourself permission to even begin because we compare ourself to others and decide there’s no need for what we have to offer because there are already better people for the job. 

That’s so ridiculous because Gd doesn’t make extras. Everyone of us has something to add or else we wouldn’t be here.

I created Made To Do This to help lift you out from whatever holds you back and give you tools, clarity and a breakthrough so you can show up more in the world, the way you long to.

There is no reason in this time in history why you should have to work for someone else and build someone else’s dreams. There is no reason you can’t find more purpose by serving the world, living life on your terms in alignment with yourself.

Let’s make this decade yours.

xo, Cathy

Cathy here of Don’t Keep Your Day Job. Have we met before?

I started out lost, who am I, unfulfilled and leaped to building 6 and 7-figure brands. Now I’m bottling what I learned and passing it to you.

Regardless of whether or not you decide to join this program, I encourage you to begin setting aside money to follow your life’s calling.

I’ve worked with so many incredible makers and artists who didn’t realize how amazing they were and the true potential they had.

The patterns became so clear, I simply had to find a way to help more deserving humans I know who have gifts to share.

Take it from me, and learn from my mistakes:

No more waiting.

No more excuses.

Investing in yourself will never get easier than right now.

Being the first in Made to Do This also means you’ll be like that first grandbaby in a family...DOTED upon.

I’m going to be like the grandmother/mum/all the aunts combined excited to serve you and give you the best possible experience.

This may look like the end of the road as you scroll to the bottom of this page.

But I’m hoping this is the beginning of a long conversation between us.



A Final Love Note  From Me to You