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Cameron {Senior 2014}

This is Cameron! Cameron is graduating this year from CCA. We took his senior photos in Grapevine on Main Street. There is one little spot there that I believe is my favorite spot EVER to shoot! The light there is so perfect. 🙂 Thanks Cameron and Beverly I enjoyed getting to know you and your […]

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Cambria {Senior 2013}

This gorgeous girl is Cambria! She attends a performing arts high school! How fun?! I am so jealous. It’s like being on the tv show Fame. 🙂 This girl made my job easy. She already had the “model” face down, and she has a stunning smile. We took Cambria’s senior photos at Arbor Hills Nature […]

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Scott {Senior 2014}

Here  is the rest of the shoot from yesterday’s post. This is Scott, Mark’s twin brother, a 2014 senior from Covenant Christian Academy in Colleyville.  These photos were taken at the Ft. Worth Stockyards, and it ended up being a perfect day. I hope that you enjoy the photos, and have a great weekend! 🙂 […]

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Mark {2014 Senior}

Mark is a senior at CCA in Colleyville! Mark has a twin brother (I will blog his tomorrow) and we took both of their photos at the Stockyards in Ft. Worth. I was a little worried about it being crowded because the Stock Show was going on, but luckily we got there early enough to […]

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Tori {Senior 2014}

This beautiful young lady is Tori, she is a 2014 senior from CCA! For Tori’s senior photos we went to a location that I had not shot at before. We shot these photos at the Kimbell Art Museum in Ft. Worth. Tori is sweet and was  fairly quiet. It took a few minutes for her […]

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Chris {2014 Senior}

Good morning! I hope that everyone is well today. There are so many people that I know that are sick. 🙁 Meet Chris! I think he is my first senior from Southlake! We met up at Southlake Town Square for his senior photos. I enjoyed spending time getting to know him and his sweet mom, […]

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Jacob {Senior 2014}

It’s Monday!!! I hope that everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving week. 🙂 And Brrrrr, it’s cold!! This is Jacob. He is a 2014 Senior at CCA! I absolutely adore his family. He has such a precious little sister and some amazing parents!! We took Jacob’s senior photos at my favorite place in Ft. Worth, the […]

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Catherine {2014 Senior}

Ok, before I get started with this post, my lens is here!!!! I have been waiting for ages and it is finally here! I will post more about it tomorrow. 🙂 Ok, on to today’s post. This is Catherine! She is such a sweet 2014 Senior from CCA. We met up for Catherine’s senior photos […]

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Mary {2014 Senior}

Meet Mary! She is such a fun, sweet, and beautiful young lady, and another senior from Colleyville Heritage. 🙂 I love absolutely everything about this photo shoot! The fall colors! The location! And of course the girl! Mary was such a delight to photograph! We started the shoot at the train station in Grapevine. It […]

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Nick {2014 Senior}

These photos were taken at one of my all time favorite locations!! This abandoned building is right off the highway in Ft. Worth and is easy to get to. This one locations has so much to offer, and it usually isn’t crowded when I go. 🙂 This is Nick! Nick is another 2014 Senior from […]

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Luke {2014 Senior Colleyville}

I can’t believe it is already Wednesday! My week is going by way too fast. I have so much to finish before the weekend starts. I am very grateful for all the work though. And I am enjoying having all these shoots on the weekends!!! 🙂 Today you get to meet another 2014 Senior from […]

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Cody {2014 Senior}

Meet Cody, he is a 2014 senior at Grapevine High School. We started his photo shoot at the tennis courts at the school and then went to the Grapevine Botanical Gardens. It was very crowded at the Botanical Gardens, but the light was perfect! It was such a pleasure to meet Cody and his sweet […]

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