Catherine {2014 Senior}


Ok, before I get started with this post, my lens is here!!!! I have been waiting for ages and it is finally here! I will post more about it tomorrow. 🙂

Ok, on to today’s post. This is Catherine! She is such a sweet 2014 Senior from CCA. We met up for Catherine’s senior photos at one of my favorite locations, Colleyville Nature Center. Man, that place is stunning in the Fall! I wish that it would stay that way longer. I know the leaves will be gone soon, so here they are for now, enjoy!

IMG_5915 IMG_5944 IMG_5948 IMG_6006 IMG_6042 IMG_6065 IMG_6087 IMG_6114 IMG_6198 IMG_6220 IMG_6244 IMG_6255 IMG_6259 IMG_6268 IMG_6281 IMG_6333


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