Listening to this podcast makes me feel loved. I can’t help but smile and feel inspired to go create the life of my dreams."



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How to Teach What You Love

  How can you build income by teaching your creative passion? How does that affect your identity as an artist? Cathy shares the 7 essential ingredients to launch your course, including how to organize your lessons with valuable content, where you can teach your talents, how to find students, and how to jump over the […]

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How to Launch A Boutique Business – Christy Wright

  How do you set a price on doing what you love? Why must every business solve a problem?  Christy Wright – author, Dave Ramsey personality, and business coach – created Business Boutique to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with actionable steps for turning their idea into a small business. She shares her sage advice on how […]

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How to Train A Happy Mind – Lori Harder

  We all have insecurities about our value, but Lori Harder – author, fitness expert, and host of the Earn Your Happy podcast is on a mission to help people feed their voice of worth. So how can you stop the self-sabotage? How do you lose the heavy weight of excuses? Pick up Lori’s best […]

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How a Side Hustle Fuels Your Dream – Chris Guillebeau

  How can you turn your idea into income? Why do we all need a side hustle? Chris Guillebeau, author, blogger, and host of the podcast, Side Hustle School is the expert on leading a life of non-conformity. He shares how he and other people around the world have transformed their hobbies into offers, how […]

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How to Set & Achieve Your New Year Resolutions

  Happy 2018! So you’ve got the “New Year, New You” dream in mind, but how can you actually stick to your resolutions? How can you create actionable, achievable goals that will lead you towards your purpose? Cathy shares her best tips on making this year a success, including what questions will help define your […]

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