Gay Hendricks on How to Manifest Your Next Level Life this Year


How can you make this year your big leap year? Dr. Gay Hendricks, founder of the Hendricks Institute and New York Times bestselling author is back to share how his new book, Your Big Leap Year can help you manifest more wealth, love, and creativity. He teaches you how to commit to your goals and actually stick to them, how to step into your zone of genius, why you need to become a master of yes’s and no’s, and how to stop pushing aside your dreams.

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1. Commitment gets you into the game. Make a heartfelt commitment, because that’s really your entry ticket to the good things of life.
2. Catch the drift and make the shift. Think of yourself as a recommitment machine. You get into the game with a commitment, but what’s going to get you there is recommitment.
3. Tell yourself, “Every day I grow my genius more and more.  And every day I do more of what I most love to do. And every day I do more of what I love to do and what makes the biggest contribution to other people’s lives.”
4. We get to where we want to get in life becoming masters of yes and masters of no.
5. Breathe through the fear. Acknowledge it, and go ahead and do what you want to do anyway. You deserve to shine.
6. Your genius is often hidden in what you’re already doing.

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