How 2024 Can Be Your Most Transformative Year


How can you open up to endless opportunities this year? Cathy shares a coaching call about how to wake up to radical possibility, why slowing down will ultimately help you speed up, what we can learn from her daughter’s school election, how to fall in love with who you are, and how to have the courage to trust your alignment.

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1. We don’t realize how powerful we are. We don’t realize how powerful energy is. When we change the tuning, we see another door open up. It was always there.
2. Be expansive. Be open and full of radical possibilities.
3. What we actually want is something other than what we think we want. What we always want is that feeling of being more connected to our soul, more connected to something infinite. That’s what we want all the time. And that is always available.
4. The most wild thing ever is learning to fully and radically be in love with who and all that you are.
5. We only get what we already are. It’s all a reflection. It’s all a hologram.
6. We are always along this river that will lead us to where we need to be. Your job is to have the courage to trust your alignment with that river.
7. We think that slowing down is slowing down, but it’s usually speeding up. The slowdown is when you quantum leap.
8. The “figuring it out” is just trusting yourself. We have to have the courage to let go of everything that the world tells us we need to do.

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