How to Take Courageous Action


How can you stop fear from ruling over your life? Cathy shares a coaching call with Allison and Anthea, who are trying to get clarity on how to follow their passion and make it their purpose. You’ll learn how to grow your courage and confidence, why a sale is never sold, what matters more than having a certification, and how to show up for your destiny.

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1. You have so much value that people need. Every one of us already has those diamonds within us.
2. People aren’t interested in the PhD or the certification. It’s about the results.
3. Courage comes before confidence. The first thing you do is you employ courage and then confidence comes.
4. Love is the mic drop. Anyone can feel when someone is loving. That is always the most powerful person in the room.
5. You’re either going to let fear rule you, or you’re going to get over yourself, get your life, and show up for your destiny.
6. The soul is our flow state. That’s the place where we know we have something more powerful than control, which is being connected to the divine and to wherever we’re supposed to be, when we’re supposed to be there.
7. We didn’t come to the world for a pile of things. We’re not a shopping cart. We have way bigger dreams than that.
8. You are there for the people who have already been trending here. They’ve already been on this journey. And you’re exactly what they need now.

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