How to Manifest Miracles


How can you defy the odds and make the impossible a reality? Cathy shares a coaching call with Amanda, a master manifestor who was told three years ago that she had just a few weeks to live. She wants to inspire more people through her journey, but she doesn’t know where to focus her energy. You’ll learn how to have the courage to say yes, what it really takes to be impressive, how to help people in bigger ways, and how to stop fighting yourself so you can start living.

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1. Teaching people how to live is a miracle in itself. When you teach someone how to look at the world differently, they’ll never be the same.
2. There’s nothing else you have to do other than be yourself
3. If you wake up today, it’s because today you’re needed here.
4. No one is promised tomorrow. Embrace every sunset as a miracle because it’s a gift.
5. It’s about having the courage to realize that you are like Halley’s Comet.  It’s the courage to just let yourself do it and just keep saying yes.
6. When we can see every circumstance, every challenge, and every blessing as a gift, we walk through life open handed. And by walking through life with an open hand, you stop fighting and you start living.
7. You don’t have to impress or prove or justify your existence. You in yourself, as you are, are justified.
8. When we are in a state of open heartedness, we transmit, we transfer, we pick up each other’s signals, and then we actually can help each other in bigger ways.

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