Hal Elrod on How a Miracle Morning Routine Can Change Your Life


How can you completely transform your life from the way you start your day? Hal Elrod, bestselling author, keynote speaker, podcaster, and creator of the life-transforming Miracle Morning movement is back to share the lessons in the new edition of his mega popular book, The Miracle Morning. He teaches you his 3 step approach to affirmations that actually get results, how to know what action to take, how to let go of the things you can’t control, how to make the impossible possible, and how to enjoy every moment of this one life.

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  1. How you start your day can be the most important decision that you make. It sets the tone, the context and the direction for the rest of your day. If you want to transform your life, it’s transforming your morning that makes the impact.
  2. You are just as worthy, deserving and capable of everything you want in your life as any other person on earth.
  3. You can’t just visualize your dream. You have to visualize yourself taking the action you need to do today that will get you one step closer to the ultimate vision.
  4. The purpose of a goal is not to hit the goal. The purpose of a goal is who it makes of you by trying to achieve it. Only the growth lasts forever.
  5. If you think it’s impossible, that’s great! Give it everything you have until the last possible moment, regardless of the results. Watch what happens. Watch who you become and watch what becomes possible after that.
  6. Only focus on that which is in your control. And the only thing you can control is becoming the best version of yourself and showing your best for those you love and those you lead every single day.
  7. Enjoy every possible moment of this one life that we’ve been blessed with.

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