Amber Rae on the Power of Journaling & How to Find Your Way Through Your Emotions


How can you find clarity and healing through journaling? Amber Rae, bestselling author, writer, speaker, journaler, and artist is back to lead you through some of the prompts in her new guided journal, The Feelings Journal. She also shares how to befriend your emotions, gain wisdom from the feelings that scare you, stop abandoning what you really want, and summon the courage to face your truth.

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1. Emotions are not negative or positive. They’re messengers. They have wisdom, they have insight, they have clarity, they have knowing with them.

2. Even though the truth can feel dangerous and inconvenient at times, it will always prevail.
3. Start with two minutes of journaling. Just get it going. You will be amazed at the clarity, the wisdom, the insight, the courage that will come through with that practice of really being intimate with self, being honest with self, and having that space of self connection.
4. The answers are within us.
5. It’s amazing how much you realize you are when you actually make the time to journey back to yourself.
6. Get clear on the story that you’re telling yourself.
7. Try to choose a little bit more courage than fear. In those moments, ask yourself, “What would courage do here?” And let the answers slowly guide you.

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