Nicole Walters on How to Live Boldly & Trust that Nothing is Missing


How do you discover that you’ve always been worthy of the life of your dreams? Nicole Walters, NYT bestselling author, self made power woman, income and business strategist, entrepreneur, and podcaster went from burnout, a life threatening health crisis, and a reckoning in her business and marriage, to welcoming more joy and love in her life. She shares how to embrace the fresh start, how to trust that the world will provide, why you need to pursue money with gusto, and how to trust that you already have everything you need.

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  1. It’s about the fresh start. It’s not about how to make all of the money or be the prettiest person in the room. It’s about how to get good at starting over.
  2. The reality is that the world rises to meet you and it absolutely provides.
  3. Money belongs with you because you’ll do good things with it. Pursue it with gusto. Be willing to get out there and get your fair share of it so you can put it where it belongs.
  4. Your story is worth something. You were given suffering so you can share it to alleviate someone who’s still in it.
  5. Grant yourself some grace and just keep going.
  6. You don’t have to be fancy or be a celebrity. You literally can just do this because you are honest with yourself and you’re willing to say the things that are scary.
  7. Even in some of the hardest, darkest, most difficult seasons, you never lack. Nothing is missing. You have everything you need.

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