How to Find Your Way Back to Your Alignment


How can you uncover the answers already inside of you? Cathy shares a meditation and a discussion about how to reach that place of equanimity and ease, how to respond when you meet your resistance, how to stop believing the lies your mind tells you, and how to find your way back to your alignment.

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1. Each one of us becomes like a WiFi router for that feeling of equanimity, that wholeness, that resonance. That’s where all the power and energy is. We are so powerful that we can create it. And that starts to create seismic cosmic shifts.
2. When you find that alignment to yourself, things start to work out for you. Because everything in nature, everything that is pure, is aligned. All this alignment was always there.
3. Your job every day is to find your way back to the divine, back to your connection with your essence, the part of you that has wisdom, equanimity, and real peace and clarity.
4. No one can take you away from yourself.
5. We come to this world for a soul curriculum and we volunteered for it. The soul sees it and signs the mission. When we go through things that we don’t understand, it’s all just part of the curriculum and the process.
6. The dreams that are meant to be chased are the dreams that chase us back. There’s a bigger destiny than what we can see.
7. The mind’s lie is, “What do you need to do? How are you going to figure it out? You’re so far away.” But really, it’s already here. It’s already done.
8. When you claim it, the world starts to create that path. That’s the great surrender experiment. It’s going to show you what you need to be. That’s where all of the joy is. And then we get to have a mystical fun experience.

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