How to Connect to the People You’re Meant to Help


How can you overcome your resistance to being visible? Cathy shares a call that includes a meditation and a coaching session on how to have the courage to lead, how to free yourself from trying to please everyone, how to attract the people who need your message, and how to find your power through love. 

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1. Your true self is bigger than the mind. It’s connected to the infinite. It has this intuition,  this capacity for flow, for ease, for compassion, for love. This part of you that is beyond your body and your story is the essence of you.
2. The most powerful person in a room is the most loving person.
3. Love creates immediately. Love changes the field.
4. When something just is, it is powerful. Period.
5. People see only what they’re willing to see. The only people who can see you are the people willing to see you, whose projection fits you. And when that happens, you’ve just added your notes to the loving part of the orchestra.
6. You don’t have to convince people of anything. Instead, take your energy and your assignment and show up in the highest and best way you can.
7. You’re needed. We’re all needed. There’s a sliver of the world who you are their answer prayer.  And for those people, you will show up because they’re available for the message coming exactly from you. You are the person they need.

8. Our job is to be authentically plugged into truth, holding for the highest and best of the oneness, which is all a creation.

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