The Keys to Confidence


What are the keys to being more confident? Cathy shares a piece from her Confidence Code workshop, including how to delete your impostor syndrome, how to crack the code on confidence, how to bypass the limiting beliefs, and how to drop into the practice so you can show up for your divine assignment.

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  1. You do have the heart of a hero.
  2. The question is not “Who am I to do this?” but “Who are you not to do this?” Let’s change the paradigm.
  3. You’re not your waist size, your skin color, your math ability, or your income. You are a soul. You are energy. You are electricity, lifeforce, pure potential.
  4. You’re here to serve. You’re here because you’re part of something bigger than yourself.
  5. You are a masterpiece. A piece of the master. You’re needed. And you know it.
  6. This place inside of you that feels like your highest self, your truth, your center, your soul…it’s always a breath away.
  7. Be a driver of your ship.
  8. When we’re dropped in, when we’re not trying to prove or hustle or earn it, we’re just present and we have an open heart. That is intoxicating. That is the only thing that is really powerful.
  9. You don’t get off here. This is not your last stop.

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