How to Activate Your Own Energy & Open Your Full Capacity


How can you change your life by changing your energy? Cathy shares a talk about how to utilize your greatest cognitive capacity, rise into your zone of genius, create abundance by being abundance, and uncover all the blessings that have been hidden in plain sight.

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1. Every day that you wake up is a day that Gd has faith in you that you’re needed. That you’ve been assigned. That you could be opening your palms to what is here to receive.
2. You are overqualified to show up in a moment and change how somebody feels about the world. It’s amazing the power that we each have.
3. You change your energy, you change your life.
4. Everything in nature is designed to thrive. You are meant to have abundance.
5. We are part of a oneness, part of a whole. When you’re thriving, you’re doing a favor to the whole world.
6. The more abundant you are, the more abundance you create. Your real self is abundant. Your real self is this energetic essence of you, which has an unlimited, endless capacity for love, for giving, for receiving.
7. When you get out all the muck in your head, you can step into leadership. You can step into synchronicity. You can become a master manifester and you can also build the most beautiful, vibrant, vital business where you contribute that which you came here to contribute.
8. All of the blessings are hidden in plain sight. Everything that you want is already here. But you have to be a match. You have to be whole.

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