Cleo Wade on How to Remember Love & Get Through Tender Times


How can you see the beauty even through tough times? Cleo Wade, New York Times bestselling author and poet, artist, and activist was in a period of feeling lost and disconnected from herself when she heard the words, “Remember Love.” She shares the insights from her new book, like how to find light when you’re wandering in the dark, why healing starts with admitting you’re not okay, how to remember to love yourself, and how to have faith that the world can be beautiful again.

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1. You are the strongest flower that ever grew. Remember that when the weather changes.
2. Allow your gifts to be any shape and size.
3. When we stop stressing about how we get to the top, we actually enjoy getting to the top of that mountain.
4. Acknowledging that you’re not okay is the first step in finding okayness. When we begin with honesty, that immediately brings integrity to the experience and allows us to heal with integrity, which is what we really need.
5. Okayness is being who you are, not presenting to others with a mask.
6. Have faith that when it rains and rains and rains, there’s a sunset at some point. Believe that the world can be beautiful again.
7. Always keep freedom in the equation. Freedom creates the space you need to connect with others. And the connection with others will always make you feel that life is worthwhile.
8. Be grateful for whatever pace you’re at right now.
9. Remember love. Our job is not to seek to find love, but to remove the blocks between us and love.

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