Tracy Litt on How to Light Up Your Inner Supernova & Go Beyond What You Think is Possible


How can you reprogram your mind so you can manifest the results you desire? Tracy Litt, founder and CEO of The Litt Factor, bestselling author, speaker, podcast host, and spiritual teacher was a single mom who climbed the corporate ladder, and then made the leap to leave her job and bring her soul back to life. She shares how to stop arguing for your limitations, how to use your mind magic to live in creation and unlimited potential, why you don’t need to be fixed, and how to show up for your divine responsibility and elevate on behalf of the collective.

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  1. The biggest gift is the embodiment of who we’re becoming. It models what’s possible for everyone in your proximity. It expands their belief more than anything else.
  2. The satiation of this lifetime is an inside job first. It’s a satiation of your soul. It is the inside that creates the outside. And that’s the shift. It’s a beautiful thing to awaken to because it’s the only way we’re going to actually change the world
  3. The truth is, everything actually is available to you. When you really are ready to play the truth is, “As you wish. What would you like today?”
  4. If you argue for your limitations, you get to keep them. Part of this work is learning that you’re not your mind. It’s understanding that you are actively creating the trajectory of your life with every micro and macro choice you’re making. It’s all about radical personal responsibility.
  5. Ultimately you are magic. You are far more energy and spiritual than you are human.
  6. The lie is that you need to be fixed. You are inherently whole. Because we are derived from the same oneness, consciousness, pure love and source that the stars and the moon, the atoms and the galaxies are derived from. That gave rise to you and me and everybody else. The truth is you are pure love, you are oneness. The truth is your abundance.
  7. As we each elevate, then that elevates the collective and we become more conscious. It is so much bigger than you and me. You don’t get to opt out of showing up. It is our generation’s divine responsibility.
  8. There’s nothing more special we can give than sisterhood and unconditional love for each other. When you open yourself to being seen, when you open yourself to being heard, and you let all the vulnerabilities come out without judgment – your soul makes a connection with another soul.

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