Thomas Hübl on How Attunement Helps Heal Our Trauma & Heal the World


How can you process your experiences, both good and bad, and turn them into an expansion of who you are? Thomas Hübl, renowned teacher, author, international facilitator, advisor, and speaker, was a paramedic who entered the world of meditation and mindfulness, and now he helps hundreds of thousands around the world to work with their individual, ancestral, and collective trauma. He teaches you how to harness the power of attunement, why creating space for yourself is essential for joy and self nourishment, how to download the wisdom from your soul, and how to become more intimate with your fear so that you can heal.

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1. Attunement is the essence of relating. We tune in with each other and it creates a mutual space. It doesn’t take tons of time to feel close to another person. It just takes attunement.
2. Our presence in life shows itself in every moment. There’s no moment that’s not important. There are moments that are more charged, moments that are more painful, but they are not more or less important. They’re all part of presence.
3. Make space to just listen, to feel, and then to reconnect with your breath. We need this time to digest and refresh ourselves moment to moment. Here is actually where life is really fun, joyful, deep, and nourishing.
4. The collective repair that we’re all part of needs us. We have to work differently together. The future of healing and restoration and global collaboration happens through collective spaces. It’s a collective process.
5. When you make space for yourself, you need to be willing to meet yourself. Be a gardener of space in your life.
6. Space is witnessing, digesting, integrating experience, and turning it into an expansion of who you are. Space is the need of your soul. You create space and suddenly you have an insight, because you listen to your soul. It’s where you have new ideas, where your wisdom resides.
7. Fear is always a part of you. It’s not about getting rid of it. It’s about coming closer and going through the crisis and creating more intimacy with your fear. When you liberate the part of your storage where the fear was circling, you find more wellbeing. That’s how healing works.

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