Sharon Salzberg on How Mindfulness, Meditation & Equanimity Lead to Your Inner Wisdom & Freedom


How can you be free when you’re constantly battling your unwanted thoughts and feelings? Sharon Salzberg, meditation pioneer, world-renowned teacher, New York Times bestselling author, and co-founder of The Insight Meditation Society was one of the first leaders to bring mindfulness and lovingkindness meditation to mainstream American culture, which has inspired generations of meditation teachers and wellness leaders. She shares how to change your relationship to your thoughts, how to find equanimity in a competitive culture driven by external goals, how to not get derailed by someone else’s opinion of you, and how to make real progress by letting go and starting over again.

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1. Hatred will never cease by hatred. It will only cease by love. This is an eternal law.
2. Instead of thinking about eradicating thoughts, think about changing your relationship to thoughts. It’s the holding environment within which it’s seen. It takes time and it’s a process – but it’s doable.
3. Having equanimity is the doorway to wisdom.
4. Meditation is learning how to begin again. Gently let go. And with compassion or kindness for yourself, come back. Start over. That’s how progress is actually made.
5. If you want a radically amazing transcendent experience, go help someone. The whole point of it is for the collective. It’s not about isolation. It’s about how you deepen your capacity to connect.
6. All beings at all times are seeking freedom. That’s the journey we make.
7. Create a different holding environment for your feelings. Don’t abolish or dismiss your fear, your jealousy, your self hatred. Instead, go up to it, shake its hand and say, “Hey, I see you. We’re going to hang out together now.”
8. The Buddha’s enlightenment solved the Buddha’s problem. Now you solve yours.

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