Rabbi Yoshi Zweiback on How to Become the Better Person You Want to Be


How can you give yourself grace when you fall short of being your best self? Rabbi Yoshi Zweiback, Senior Rabbi at Wise School, author, and musician grew up with parents who gave him unconditional love and accountability, and this has influenced his teachings and how he has led his life. He shares how to find freedom in forgiveness, how to navigate the balance of knowing your worthiness and having humility, how to see the good, and how we can be more loving towards ourselves and each other.

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Our episode with Dr. Lisa Miller


  1. Drop the shell that you think you’re supposed to carry. Just be who you are.
  2. We are always permitted to forgive someone, even if they didn’t earn the forgiveness. We’re not required to, but we’re permitted to. As an act of grace and love to yourself and the other person, let it go.
  3. Give thanks for those everyday miracles.
  4. To love another person is to see the face of Gd.
  5. In one pocket, you have a note that says, “For my sake, the world was created.” And in your other pocket, you have a note that says, “I am but dust and ashes.” The wisdom is knowing which note to take out when.
  6. The soul implanted within you is pure, even when you’ve fallen short. That’s what makes repentance possible.
  7. Gd is beyond this universe, and at the same time is right here inside of you. You’re part of this incredible force that makes the universe possible.
  8. We are such a vehicle for love if we want to be, and it can change the world. It can change someone’s life.

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