How to Make a Podcast That Breaks Through the Noise


What are the key factors to a successful podcast? Cathy shares a coaching call about what unnecessary things most podcasters stress over, how to prepare for the mental blocks your ego throws at you, how to build an engaged audience, how to get feedback on what’s working, why it’s not important to be an expert, and how to let your resonance shine through.

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1. What we do as podcasters is we learn how to listen and we learn how to make space and we learn how to be silent. And in that silence, we create the most powerful exchange.
2. Make a decision that you’re going to move through the dip. Every successful person had failures, but they stayed on the road longer. Success and failure are the same road.
3. Don’t overthink it. Done is better than perfect.
4. The feedback is so important. Invite people into this process. Find pleasure in the creative process by enjoying looking at things and seeing how other people are responding to them. This is about radical empathy.
5. It’s not “Look at me. Look at where I’m on the top of the mountain.” That’s not interesting. It’s much more interesting to say, “Come with me. I’m really still in the search for meaning. I don’t have all the answers, but I want to find out. Let’s go together.”
6. You don’t have to have it all together. Enjoy that you’re a human becoming, you’re just figuring it out. That love and that sincerity is what breaks through the noise,
7. Frequency carries information. It’s the resonance. It’s going to matter more that you’re excited and that you are connected.

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