The 3 Things that Stop You From Taking Action Towards Mastery


How can you build momentum and get the results you want? Cathy shares a coaching call about how to take massive action, how to overcome the 3 types of forces that hold you back, how to have a champion’s attitude, and how to reach your Michael Jordan capacity for mastery.

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1. This universe is net positive. If you take one brave step, it’s like taking 20 steps. You get momentum because this world pulls us towards wholeness. It pulls us towards what’s true. It pulls us towards what’s elevated. So when you stand for elevation, for possibility, so much comes back.
2. For a cannon to be launched, there’s so much pressure that builds up that “boom”. You can create that amount of momentum every day, by just showing up. It’s energy, energy, energy. And eventually over time, there’s a release.
3. We are actually designed to be that Michael Jordan level. We are designed to be at our peak.
4. To have a champion’s attitude, you have to drink that water and get your running shoes on every day, instead of asking “Why doesn’t it work?” You’ve got to do rep after rep after rep after rep.
5. You owe it to yourself to find your capacity, because your capacity is bigger than what you keep telling yourself it is. The happiness is in finding that capacity and getting into it every day.
6. We have to respect the work. We have to respect the mastery.
7. Your happiness is in your state of mind. Your happiness is in taking a thought and turning it into a thing. You want to be in creative mode. It’s feeling so good and generating energy from just yourself alone, and being able to find levels of peace and gratitude as you just walk through your day. That’s on you.
8. The more your focus is in a place where you know how to turn yourself on, how to feel gratitude, and how to feel a peace of mind – that will affect your business. That affects your creativity. That gives you the downloads. That gives you the freedom. And that good feeling just keeps coming.

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