Scott Hoying on How to Explore New Creative Passions, Love Your Authentic Self & What Sparked the Magic of Pentatonix


How can you give yourself the freedom to create purely from a place of love and ease? Scott Hoying, Grammy winning singer, musician, songwriter, and member of the platinum selling acappella group Pentatonix found an unexpected fascination for creating music during the pandemic, which led to his new solo debut EP, Parallel. He shares how to create something you love from an authentic place, open the portal to synchronicity and magic by having fun, turn rejection into a blessing, and own the quirks that make up your superpower.

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1. Create what you love, even if it turns certain people off. You’ll have more bandwidth when you’re being yourself.
2. It starts with that spark of generosity. You’re not in this for the outcome. Just have fun and put yourself out in the world. It’s wild what it can turn into.
3. Those magical kismet planets line up when you just follow what feels good, make what you love, and be around the people you love.
4. When your vibration is in this loving, silly, easy, calm, magical place where you’re in flow with the universe – that’s the key to the portal called synchronicity.
5. Art is like a real example of magic. You’re making something out of nothing and it’s immortalized forever.
6. There’s so many people who will accept the real you.  When you start to feel comfortable with yourself, you start to have more energy. You start to attract the right people. And pieces start to fall into place.
7. Your quirks can turn into your superpower. Own those parts of yourself. You don’t need to change yourself to fit in.
8. There’s so much to come.

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