How Your Lack Mentality Affects Your Relationships & How to Open the Portal to an Abundant Reality


How can you be available for an abundant reality? Cathy shares a coaching call that includes a meditation + a discussion about how to raise your frequency and get into a state of feeling good and lightness every day. Then she helps a student, Suzi who feels like she’s projecting her scarcity on her husband (who makes an appearance too!) You’ll learn how to navigate the lack mentality in a relationship, become a better receiver so you’re no longer in resentment, find the confidence, curiosity, and courage to create, and trust that you’re getting to where you need to be.

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1. It’s not about figuring it out. It’s about moving aside everything that’s keeping your energy blocked. As soon as we have that energy, we’re unattached to the outcome and we’re just playing. We’re having fun. We’re already having a party. It’s called being inside of our own state of being.
2. If you wanna move into a different reality, you don’t move through the personality you’ve been. You move through consciousness and frequency. So if you want a more abundant reality, you’ve got to move that tuning up. You open the door, you open the portal to a reality that already exists, but you join it by a different frequency.
3. When you come from a place of generosity, it doesn’t matter how people perceive you. Because what’s satisfying to you is just being present, showing up with a generous heart. And you’re all worthy to be generous.
4. You have to be available for something so much more than the mundane dreams that you thought you had. You have such mystical dreams. Your soul’s really wanting something so much bigger than you thought you wanted.
5. All the abundance comes from being in the abundance of the moment itself. When you’re in life right now, you feel life loving you back now. All of a sudden it’s so much fun and the synchronicities are out of control because everything that’s a match to your frequency is gonna line right up with you.
6. We think we come for a pile of stuff. But we have bigger dreams than that. What we really want is the feelings, this feeling of an open heart, this feeling of creativity. And it always comes in the unpredictable.
7. Give yourself something to edit because the first thing is never your final draft. And because you have the courage to start it, of course you’re gonna make it better. And then eventually it becomes something that gives back to you. But that only comes from having the courage to mine for that gold.

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