How to Turn on Your Receiver & Expand Your Capacity for Joy


What’s holding you back from your most expansive, ideal life? Cathy shares a meditation and an exercise from her retreat about how to make a quantum leap, manifest the things you want, change your point of alignment from your ego to your soul, and strengthen your muscle for joy.

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1. It’s not linear. It is a quantum leap. It’s a leap in your vibrational field. It’s just about feeling this elevated feeling, this awake feeling. From here, you’re co-creating, you’re 3D printing because you’re right now in flow. Gd is making all your appointments. You just show up.
2. All of those things that you think are over there or haven’t happened – they’re already here. But that receiver has to be on and tuned in.
3. When you drop into a wider consciousness of how much sacred authority lives in you, you now have that which you believe is outside of you. And when you have that within you, it can’t help but start to be reflected outside of you.
4. It’s not too late. You’re not too old. You’re just getting started.
5. You don’t have to carry all those thoughts and all those things. You just get to be you. You get to be free.
6. You have a certain muscle for joy. You can change that capacity in a moment. It’s about changing your point of alignment. It’s about moving not from ego, but from soul.
7. When you’re in love, that’s your real power. Nothing can touch you in that place.
8. Tell your nervous system that it’s safe to sustain joy, to play there longer because that is really, the humble place. That is the place without ego. That is the place in grace and in flow.

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