How to Let Go of Unconscious Limiting Beliefs & Be in Flow Every Day – A Preview of My Retreat


How can you identify and release the inherited beliefs that hold you back from your expansion? Cathy shares a piece from her retreat about how to to liberate yourself from your old software, why it’s only practical to be in purpose and in flow every day, how to become a 3D printer for expansion and synchronicities, and how to hand over the unwanted parts of your unconscious program to the divine.

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1. The more you are conscious of where you go unconscious, the more you liberate yourself.
2. You get to go in and recode the software. You don’t have to run that program all the time.
3. Every time you’re trying to figure it out, you’re going the wrong way. Every time you’re moving from alignment, you’re going the right way. That’s a different orientation towards more openness, more ease, more connection, more flow, more creation, more manifestation. That is the magic trick.
4. Your employer is wherever your vibration is. If you’re in flow and full and expanded, there’s no way you won’t be powerful enough to hold more that comes in. All you really have to do is attend to that vibration. It’s the only thing you actually have control over.
5. The only practical thing is to be in your purpose and in flow every single day of your life.
6. We are each built as the most premium vehicle that’s a receiver that can receive divine love, and give it every soul.
7. Spend some time every day where you are going to be focused. You’re going to focus your awareness, you’re gonna focus your attention. You’re gonna show up for yourself in the way that feels like you are in flow with your highest and best. And just watch, you will become a master manifester.
8. Being coherent is being with whatever you need to be with in the moment.
9. It’s time to let go. You’re more than this. You’re amazing. Tell the divine, “I’m giving this to you. It was never mine to hold.”

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