Vienna Pharaon on How to Break Family Patterns & Heal from the Origins of You


How can you liberate yourself from the behaviors and beliefs that don’t serve you? Vienna Pharaon, founder and owner of Mindful Marriage and Family Therapy, relationship therapist, and bestselling author was on an early search for understanding how to build and maintain healthy relationships, having grown up in a household where her parents were stuck in a 9 year divorce process. She shares how to recognize the unconscious wounds from your own upbringing that affect your current patterns, how to sit in the pause and let the origin healing begin, how to let pain guide you towards the areas you need to work on, how to be a witness to yourself, and how to own the keys to your worthiness.

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1. When we are eventually able to face that pain, then there is the magic, the sacredness, the power, the transformation. There is the healing.
2. Pain is what brings us into our patterns so that we will look. Instead of thinking that it’s out to get us, what if we can start to see pain as the arrow pointing us back to where we need to go.
3. The pause is where we find the gateway to our freedom. When we start to stretch that pause, we have a greater opportunity to choose differently, to replace the old patterns with something else.
4. We want to be witnessed and acknowledged.  What we need most is the witness of ourselves, to be able to see ourselves clearly.
5. We can’t outsource our worth. At the end of the day, only you hold the key to your worthiness. You deserve good things. It’s your birthright. You are born, and because you are born, you are worthy.
6. When we get ourselves to this place of being driven by our healing and not driven by our pain, that is when we can make honest, authentic gifts and expressions to others.
7. Ask yourself – what did you want most as a child and not get? When we can take that big breath and make a little bit of space for ourselves to answer that honestly, that brings us right to the beginning of our origin healing work.

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